I am graduate from the Fine Arts School of Lyon, France. My first works as student were experimental videos mixing actors, toys and paintings. After a decade of work for several french TV channels and corporate companies as Director, editor, art director, I felt the need to do my own thing. I rediscovered the pleasure of painting and drawing . I used these techniques to make films, animated films. I am not (and never will be) an animator. I just want to tell stories of my own using my very own technique. I use colours and forms as an invisible character adding feelings in the narration. I love the sensuality of “handcraft” even I am using computer to adjust colour, add textures and lights. But the result as to be unidentifiable.

I love to make short film because the very good with short films is… it’s short !!! So you have to focus very sharply you purpose. And the audience have to be moved very quickly. Director can also try new things on narration, style or characters. Because it could be long and hard to produce, most of them are sincere and authentic. There is no box offices to explode or million to make in short films. Just pleasure.

For the last 25 years I am developing this unique technique for my own work as well as for commissioned films.

I am currently living in Denmark.